Looking to sell your Vancouver area home?


Selling: Maximize Your Potential Home Value

In today’s market, a swift sale is rarely a matter of luck. More often, it’s the culmination of a sound marketing plan and a team supplying accurate, valuable information and diligently marketing your home to potential buyers. That’s precisely what you’ll receive from Parker Brennan. We are a well-connected team that believes in technology and professionalism. We know how to market and stage homes that buyers respond to, negotiate with prospective buyers on a seller’s behalf, and do whatever it takes to obtain the most value for your home. 

Tips when preparing to sell your home:

  • Do your Homework: don’t worry, we can help. So you’ve decided you need to sell. What’s next? The first step we recommend is to do a little research. Use the Real Estate Search Tool to pull up listings you’ve seen around your neighborhood, or even across town, to get an idea of the local market. Then drop us a line to schedule a pre-market consultation to really learn the inside scoop on market trends and start strategizing how to sell your home quickly and maximize its potential value.
  • Comparable Market Analysis: Now that you’ve poked around the area and researched the local trends, let’s really answer the important questions: How much is your home worth? Should you ask for more? How long will it take to sell?? Parker Brennan provides answers to these questions by completing a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA), which essentially breaks down prices of recently sold homes that are comparable to yours and the prices of comparable homes on the market.
  • Professional Appraisal: We recommend purchasing a professional appraisal of your home. The investment of several hundred dollars for an appraisal (depending on the size of your home) is money well spent due to its weight on the final value of your home.